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Deciding on custom website

Why does your business need a web site?

In today’s wired world, all businesses need a web page. Your web page needs to be clear, concise, to the point, and most of all, ready to bring customers to your door.

Grit City Web Design will build you a site that works on PCs, tablets, and smart phones. Customers need to access your information on the move, at home, or at their place of business so your website needs to be available no matter their location.

Grit City Web Design will work with you to develop the best possible site to generate the most possible business.

There are a plethora of DIY web site builders so why hire a professional?

Websites are vital to small businesses, according to Forbes Magazine. The fastest and easiest way to review a business is to look them up online. It's like dressing for success before going to a job interview. You want to show your prospective employer that you are professional, prepared, and serious.

A good website can serve that same function. If your website is easy to read, informative, with a professional look, it tells your prospective clients that you are serious about winning their business, and once that business is won, you will provide the best service (or product).

A good website is the most important marketing tool in your arsenal.

It is the most cost effective way to get your business out there. A good web designer will optimize your site for search engines (SEO) so that potential customers can find you. A good website builds credibility. If a potential client or customer tries to research your company on the internet and your company is not there, it will impact your credibility as a viable business. A professional web designer will incorporate responsive design, meaning your website will look good on a PC, tablet, or phone. It's a wired world; your business needs to keep up.

Advantages to hiring a professional.

Yes, there are several tools available that will assist in creating an online presence. A professional web designer is preferable to a self-created website for several reasons:

  • Professional look and design
    - that is what a web designer does! A professional web designer will provide you with a beautiful, dynamic, professional looking website.
  • Ongoing maintenance
    - a professional web designer can provide ongoing maintenance so you don't have to. A professional will ensure all your links work, update your blog, change your menu, or adjust your prices... leaving you free to manage your business
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization
    - a professional web designer knows the protocols to ensure that search engines can easily read and rank your page so potential clients or customers can find you easily.
  • Statistics
    - a professional web designer can provide analytics as to the usage of your website, as in, how many hits did your page get? Over time, your web designer can compile this information into a report to help you gauge your internet traffic.

Is all that information not enough to convince you? Call Grit City Web Design today for a free consultation.

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