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Deciding on custom website

You pulled the trigger…

So, you have pulled the trigger and made the big decision: my business needs a web site. Now what?

You contact a web designer, like Grit City Web Design! Once you have called me, a lot must happen before your website becomes a reality.


Before we have our first meeting, do some research. Surf the web to find sites that are visually appealing to you. Make a list. Even make a list of websites you don’t like…

While you surf, ask yourself some questions:

  • Is the site easy to read?
  • What about the color scheme do you like?
  • Do you like moving images or videos?
  • Does the site have immediate visual impact, drawing you in, making you want to find out more?
  • If you don't like the site, why not?

I want to know all about your business. What is the main thing you want potential customers to know? Whatever that aspect of your business is, we want to showcase it, so it is the first thing your potential clients see. I will take notes on your color preferences; we will talk about logos – do you have one? I will ask a lot of questions about your target audience. To whom, and what demographics, are you selling your product or service? We will work together to find the right focus, the right tone, the best way to shine a light on your business from the internet.

Once I have gathered all the pertinent information, I will begin the research process. I always look at other websites in your field to see what they are doing (we want to take an original approach, but it is never a bad idea to eyeball the competition). My goal is to develop a format that goes against the norm but still appeals to your target audience.

After a meeting and probably a few phone calls and e-mails, I will have formulated a plan on how to proceed… tune in next week to find out what’s next!

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