Website Design Questionnaire

A website is the virtual front door to your business. In order to represent your company as if your customers were entering a store front, we need to establish some ground work information...

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The next few questions will help us understand exactly what you’re after with this site. Go ahead, check as many as you need to:

I need to build awareness for my brand
I need to offer a contact point to my clients
I need my company to have a better image online
I need to sell my product/service through my site
I need to use it to build customer loyalty
I need it to promote my product/service online

Business customers

Kids and/or teens
In their 20s
In their 30s
In their 40s
In their 50s

Our company offers the best service
Our company makes the best product(s)
My company offers the best prices

A basic HTML site
An HTML5/ CSS3 website
Responsive design for use on tablets and phones
A WordPress-based CMS
Online Magazine
Newsletter system
Social network integration
Separate, dedicated landing pages
A redesign of a current website

Embedded video(s)
Search this site feature
Multicolumn layout
Information request forms
Downloadable documents or files
Customer login
User registration
Online store/shopping cart
Online payments
Image gallery
Image slider

Stock photography
Company hotography (pictures of your workplace, etc.)
Other artwork and/or illustrations
Copywriting and other text
Professional logo
Graphic design
Other print collateral
Meta tags, descriptions, and keywords
Font licenses (if needed)

Now for the good stuff... DESIGN!

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Yes No Do not know

You Grit City Web Design Do not know

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Social media management
Search engine optimization

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